Spin For Limbs

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3rd Annual Spin for Limbs Ride, Walk and Festival
Sunday, September 21, 2014
8am - 2pm
Hidden Valley Park, Burlington, Ontario

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Event Details

Hidden Valley Park
1137 Hidden Valley Road
Burlington, L7R 3X5

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Start Times and Route Information

All rides travel through the beautiful countryside of Halton and Hamilton, passing horse farms and waterfalls. Each ride will have one fully stocked water stop. Expect some moderate climbs. Registration for each ride is $30.

  • 100KM Bike Ride
  • 50KM Bike Ride
  • 25KM Bike Ride

2KM Family Walk
The 2km walk, run, or ride follows the trails of Hidden Valley along the creek, through the forest. ($10, kids 5 and under are free)


Post-Ride and Festival

11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Admittance into the post-ride BBQ and festival is included in each rider's and walker's registration fee.

Want to support the cause and enjoy the great kids activities and entertainment but can't commit to the ride or walk? Enjoy the BBQ and festival only.

Registration Fee: $10
Please register by September 21, 2014

Event Features

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Our Story

In 2009 we found ourselves thrust into the world of paediatric orthopaedics when our daughter Ellen was born with fibular hemimelia. Our journey to SickKids was a long one, but once we arrived we knew Ellen and our family would be cared for and we placed our trust in their compassionate surgical and nursing staff.

Through our experience we learned a lot. Each discussion with patients and their families made us think about how we could help. How could we create a network to increase awareness and raise the much needed funds necessary to pay expenses associated with these complex and lengthy procedures when a family needed some additional help?

“Some families have struggled with whether or not to even go ahead with the surgery because they weren’t sure they could afford to get here for weekly appointments during the correction stage.” Catharine Bradley, PT Practitioner, Limb Reconstruction, SickKids

Spin for Limbs was born: a bike, walk and family festival that would support limb reconstruction (LR) at SickKids. The inaugural Spin for Limbs Ride/Walk was held September 15, 2012 and raised over $25,000 for children and their families affected by pediatric limb reconstruction.

Limb reconstruction is something that changes a child's life forever and gives them the opportunity to live active and full lives. Families incur significant costs related to limb reconstruction that are not covered by OHIP. This year we are specifically focused on raising funds that will help ease the financial burden many families endure when their child is a patient of limb reconstruction at SickKids. Funds will help families with a wide range of needs including transportation, accommodation and medical supplies.

I know that these days it seems like everyone is asking you for money for one cause or another but please consider donating to this one and change a child's life forever!

Thank you, we truly appreciate your support.

Steve, Jennifer, and Ellen Beatty

Make a Donation

What does your donation do?


Wheelchair rental or purchase

Wheelchairs are about $50 per month to rent. However, rented wheelchairs are not always accommodating to the needs of this population and some families have had to purchase one with specific adaptations. A wheelchair runs in the neighbourhood of $5000. 75% is covered by government funding, the family is responsible for the remaining amount.

AFOs or orthotics

For simple toe slings and foot supports, families are charged between $60-100 with no government funding and rarely private insurance coverage. These supports, while basic, play a big role in foot positioning for many patients. More significant orthoses run in the ballpark of $1500 and are only covered 75% by government funds.

and more...

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For more information please contact:

Jennifer Walters
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This event is proudly sponsored by SickKids Foundation.
All funds are directed to the Division of
Orthopaedic Surgery, Limb Reconstruction



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